Offering clients focalized assistance with their China related projects

Working with China can be benificial to companies as long as it is handled accordingly. The key is to know how to work within this different business climat, which is our specialty.

Doing business in China presents certain challenges: the time difference, cultural différences, langues barriers, biased translations & skewed communications, various negotiation tactics and closely monitoring how your projects are moving along.

We take care of everything


We source products and look for potential suppliers according clients needs, goals and expectations. When required, we visit potential suppliers and then present clients with their best options.


We communicate with Chinese counterparts between 8 PM and midnight, while communicating with your team during the day, to ensure clear and efficient communications between all parties.


We work with you team to implement all sorts of projects, adapting to what the situation requires, whether that’s being on site, working from a distance, having weekly meetings with your team or using a mix of appropriate methods.


We help clients negotiate agreements, pricing, joint-ventures and contracts that are to their advantage. We also insure that Chinese versions of contracts are identical to English versions.


We communicante with Chinese counterparts from Sunday to Thursday, from 8 PM to midnight and with your team from Monday to Friday, to insure that you are always fully abreast of the situation and therefore stay on top of any situation.


We assist clients with their transportation & customs needs, insure documents and payments are made on time to avoid delays, assit with tracking, push concerned parties to make sure everything gets done as expected, while always keeping you in the loop.


We travel with you to offer translations, advice and assistance, while also allowing you to travel freely, without owing Chinese counterparts any special consideration and moving about confidentially.


We travel to visit factories or other entities, to verify/inspect facilities, production, check on quality or to have in depth discussions/negotiations, while staying in touch with you, presenting you with related reports and recommendations.


Contrary to most interpretors, we interprete strategically for your benefit and forfeit the customary commission offered to interpretors.

Examples of typical cases


Our new client’s employee was on the phone with a Chinese supplier and was having considerable difficulty. We soon got the chance to speak to their supplier directly where we immediatly understood that this supplier was acting in bad faith and that our client was talking too much for granted. We soon accompanied our client to a trade show in Vegas, met with a wide range of potential suppliers and followed that up by going to visit a short list of potential suppliers in China.

Thanks to these joint efforts, we found a better product at a price that was 22% below the previous price. This client also asked us to handle communications with this supplier. Within a few months, they got flexible paiement terms and reached an agreement to protect our client’s interests which the Chinese supplier respected in practice.


Our client approached Mr. Paine to manage a joint-venture project between a Chinese partner, a partner from another country and themselves. Our role was to verify everything before signing the agreement, establishing constant communication between client’s team (engineers, purchasing, management) and partners, while be-ginning of implementation, purchasing the right equipment, managing staff and other project management related tasks which were all going smoothly.

Our client was in such a hurry that he didn’t take the time to really grasp other partners true intentions. Thankfully, we diligently worked day & night and it quickly became evident that our client’s vision was quite different from the other two partners. At this juncture, we introduced our client to another, more appropriate partner, who really wanted to collaborate with our client, that was a much better fit, as they shared the same vision and goals.

Your expectations… Our values

Our commitement

We’ll always make the appropriate effort to understand your goals, expectations & the specifications necessary to plan and implement your project correctly. We’ll work closely and professionally with your team, work day and night, to insure optimal communication between parties, regardless of the time difference. We become an extension of your team, a business partner, where your goals are ours as well.


We work solely for the interests of our client. We refuse commissions which are normally offered to brokers and interpreters, so that our loyalty is undivided, working for you and only you.


For you, results are what matter. We’ll unite with you to utilize our strengths and talent to go beyond your expectations. We work to attain your goals and reduce your costs.