Patrick Paine

Mr Paine, P.Y.C.A.’s primary consultant, has lived in China off and on for about 10 years and has done business with China for about 20. Unlike the vast majority of expats, he immersed himself completely within the culture, learned how to work and do business with the Chinese on the ground, while maintaining his moral compass.

M. Paine has worked on a variety of business ventures over the years. He has managed regions, large numbers of staff and offices, has worked on trade, joint ventures, implemented complex projects, done his fair share of purchasing and has also had his own import business for some years. M. Paine’s vast experience has given him an intrinsic understanding of how business is done in the real world and is a tribute to his drive to get things done. He has worked, using Mandarin, for almost 20 years now and has long been considered to be an old China hand, which has always been a key factor in his successes, along his people skills.

P.Y.C.A. was founded to utilize M. Paine’s specific skill set, for clients to maximize their gains when dealing with China. While many companies to do business with China, and for considerable amounts, they too often lack the in-depth expertise that would help them fully benefit from these transactions. Furthermore, it is our commitment to your business that we will not accept any commissions which are given to interpreters or brokers, to ensure that our loyalty is 100% towards your business and its bottom line.

There’s an expression in Mandarin that says that Chinese people aren’t afraid of the sky or the earth, they are only afraid of a foreigner who speaks the langue (and knows the culture) and there is a good reason for that. It is our experience that having someone like M. Paine on your team and on your side, will be advantageous to your business. And this is what P.Y.C.A. Consulting offers in a nutshell.