• Finding suppliers and related negociations
  • Supplier visits, approved by client
  • Production and transportation follow-ups
  • Training on the ABCs of importing




Project Management

  • Joint planning and implementation of projects
  • Managing communications and transmission of key information
  • Managing material and human ressources
  • Variable work locations and scheduling, depending on needs of project
  • An extension of your team, making the bridge between all parties

Communications and

  • Communications with China between 8PM and midnight
  • Close communication with your team, including regular meetings and status reports
  • Production and quality control follow-ups
  • Transportation, payments and custom documents follow-ups

Business Trips

  • Company and/or trade show visits in China
  • Trip reports, photos, descriptions and recommendations
  • Acting as travel guide and translator
  • Longer term stays when required




  • Acting as the bridge between you and suppliers
  • Close follow ups of production
  • Assisting with quality control
  • Supervising and managing projects



  • Negotiation of agreements
  • Assistance with contracts, joint ventures and more
  • Interpreting services and negotiation advice
  • Verification of contracs and other necessary verifications
  • Formal and informal discussions to identify possibilities

The ABCs of importing

  • The ABCs of importing
  • Basic information and common practices
  • Transportation and customs clearance
  • Documentation, payments, the transfer of goods
  • Negotiating, cultural differences and other useful info.