Training: The ABCs of importing

In theory, doing business with China is rather straight forward, although in practice, it’s not always the case. Understanding the basics of how to import, cultural differences, how to choose a supplier and learning how to avoid common pitfalls are presented in a one hour course, which aims to help you sidestep unnessary problems and help you get better control of the situation.

  • Getting your import number, customs clearance and customs brokers
  • The master bill of lading, it’s role and your options
  • Other important documents for obtaining your customs release
  • Transportation: ports, routing, the train, rates and freight forwarders
  • The Chinese calendar, different parts of the year and their effects
  • Choosing a supplier and the role of interpreters
  • Payment methods, common practices and timing
  • Negociations: understanding what you want
  • Cultural differences
  • The importance of proper follow-ups
  • Quality control


Cost: 200$